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Forex Fractal Alligator Strategy

We will consider now fractal transmission. It’s like a 5 series candle center has the highest price and the lowest maximum nominal. If the fractal looks above the Alligator then you have to buy if the signal shows up under Alligator you have a quick signal. The signs are when the lip area, teeth and your jaw structure that exists today so we hope there will be movement. Crocodile in a “dormant”, having been “hungry” and prices will “run away” from it. To the market you have to set the pending orders:

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Buy End or Sell Stop. Pertaining to example, fractal buy has been formed on the jaw so a long position should be one point above the maximum of the candlestick central. Once the order is entered it means that the signal has recently been trigger. Very often, when the price situation to be around the level of prices established on a balance which creates fractal signals that result in, but the price would not move higher simply a few points.
Bill Williams calling it trade zone “low rent district”. You are losing money but your losses are acceptable when compared to the benefits you can get when the movement actually commences and then you’re in it. Sooner or later, Alligator will open the jaws. It is impossible to avoid such failures, this is part of the trading system. You could reduce the loss if you can analyze large time-frame in which you put your pending order.

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